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How can I become a successful seller and convince my client?


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Start by optimizing your gig images. Use a plain background with 1-2 images or graphics and large bold text.

Run everything you say through a grammar checker. Your profile, gig descriptions, your FAQ section, everything.

Don’t offer unlimited revisions. Unlimited revisions do attract buyers, but very poor quality buyers. Change it to maybe 2-3 revisions as for a simple piece of graphic design work, buyers shouldn’t need more than that.

Take some tests on your skills to verify that you have them as that will help increase buyer trust.

Lastly, be patient. It took me a few weeks of having my gigs up to get my first order. I have been working on here for a couple months and still don’t have consistent work. Be patient, work hard and you will get orders.

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After publish new gig how long will stay as a newest arrivals. Please sure me

Please sure me

No one can “sure” you.

It all depends on the algorithm and there is no specific amount of days.

However you can count how many days your gig will stay there and after that share it here on the forum.

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On 3/4/2020 at 12:00 AM, vaishali_r said:

You will get regular marketing of any new Gig and when views/impression will increase it will show on first page, which may attract to Buyer.

Your comment has nothing to do with what the OP asked.

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Possibly because your gig titles are too long, buyers want something they can read quickly. They do not want to have to click on a gig to see what it is about. All of my gig titles are short enough that they are not cut off when the buyer views them in the search results.

Also, there are 85,300 total gigs for logo design on Fiverr.

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