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How to incise sells on Amazon and index more Key word on product

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Hi Dear, Hope you are doing great! My name is Mehedi Hasan - an Amazon seller. I have a couple of questions for KW indexing that I know you definitely know the answer a. Is that true that our listings always need more sales or time in the market, to have many KWs indexed? Is there another way have many KWs indexed? ex. My listing is still fresh with no sales just yet. I uploaded the title, bullet points and description. And then I used Index Checker on H10 to check and see that my listing has about 300 words indexed. A great seller in the niche has about 2000 words indexed. b. How do you use H10 to find the High Relevance but Low Volume KWs for PPC? Any responses will be greatly appreciated! Thanks and Regards, Mehedi Hasan

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