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Please look my gig (image , desc) and give me suggestions

Guest lash3x

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Hello , i am working on fiverr since 2018

I had 400+ completed orders , I am Seo specialist 

I know what other sellers sell here , compared to other top rated sellers my services quality is sometimes better , sometimes similar

I work dedicated for every client , I don't do monthly Seo's but my links , my work gives them results , i track every client and updating them about results , collecting data and improving service quality continiously


But i still not had chance to get top rated seller


Do you have any tips how can i get it? what should i improve? what should i work for?



Thanks , it will be usefull for other sellers as well

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22 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

But you are level one seller 🤔 not even level 2 

Yap i lost level in this evaluation

22 hours ago, saifulislam_9 said:

may you take a look at your avg. selling price.

Gigs ($253.33) / Custom Offers ($253.33)




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9 minutes ago, mariashtelle1 said:

Then why do you think you will keep TRS level and wouldn’t loose it the same as your level 2? 
One of the requirements for TRS as I remember is to spend certain amount of time as level 2 seller. 

I have level 2 for more than one year and half , but it accidently happened and i will get my level back in next evaluation

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Guest lash3x

Hello , i just redesigned my gig , please look at it and give me suggestions , tips , you like it or not and e.t.c




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