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Was this a scam? Or was it a genuine cancellation?



Hello everyone!

I have been on fiverr for about 6 months and have no problems. I do all kinds of freelance writing and I have a 5 star review.

My question is, if a buyer cancels an order does this effect me? I had a custom order for this person who wanted 15 to 20 short stories. When discussing the order, she claimed she didn't need any specific plot/genre/type of story. Well, I delivered my order and she rejected it because she claims its not what she wanted and I wasted her time.

Honestly, this makes me pretty upset because I was under the impression I had free will with the project. I spent a lot of time working on this and now I have a bunch of work that I cant use. Will this effect me negatively? I just accepted the cancellation because I've never had a problem like this before on fiverr. Is she able to still use the work I submitted? 

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Looks like a scam to me. 99% of cancellations will effect your account in one way or another. All though the potential buyer doesn't own the rights to the short stories you wrote, they'll likely use them anyway. Never cancel if you deliver proper work. If a buyer doesn't like what you delivered they can ask for a revision or leave you a review that reflects the work they received.

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