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Many days I have no order.


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So I see several issues in your gig that will likely be confusing to buyer:

1) Your gig title says "I will design 3 creative modern minimalist logo design" -- but when you get into the gig, the Basic level gig is for "2 basic logo design+jpg+png+transparent file", so the numbers in your title don't match with your first gig. Then, your Standard level is for "3 standard logo design", and the Premium is "5 Premium logo design", but you don't specify what you mean by basic, standard, and premium, or if your 2, 3, and 5 refer to different versions of the same logo or completely different logos.

2) Your gig is awkwardly worded in many places, with some Strange Capitalization going on. 

3) "You should probably thank yourself that you have landed on the right gig. Do yourself a favor by getting your work done by the most professional designer here on this planet earth." -- this is a very cringe-worthy self-glorifying blurb that nobody is going to take seriously. Instead of telling them they should be bowing at your feet, you should show your work and let that wow them.

4) "Still, Have queries? Contact me inbox anytime! Placed the order with full confidence!!"

Maybe trying changing this to something like: "Still have questions? I would be happy to answer your questions so that you can order with full confidence."

2021-10-07 19_02_11-Design 3 creative modern minimalist logo design by Tuha_studio _ Fiverr - Brave.png

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On 10/5/2021 at 12:53 AM, tuha_studio said:

My Fiverr account many days rank down. no order . i am all time try to online. 15 september I got a Level-1 seller and I got a promoted gig. but no response and no order. 

keep patience..Give your time in fiverr forum..Hope you will get more and more orders soon

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