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How would Fiverr like me to handle this situation and what's the best way to solve the problem?


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I am selling website support services to online marketers and website owners but, because I have only just joined Fiverr, I am confused about the best way to handle this issue.

Perhaps someone in here could help me?

As I understand it, until I achieve some sales and a higher level, I am only able to promote one gig with one item at a time. And even though there are other/alternative/additional things I could sell, which the customer needs (and I would be doing them a big disservice if I didn’t tell them about), I can’t offer them separately.

Its really not in anyone’s interest that I don’t sell these additional items, and not to do so, may mean that the customer ends up with the wrong thing entirely. For example, a subdomain WordPress installation rather than a subdirectory installation ~ simply because the customer didn’t know it was possible.

I understand why I shouldn’t be selling items outside Fiverr which are not specifically part of the gig, so what’s the best way to handle this issue?

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Here’s what I’ve seen some sellers do. Your gig is $5. If, for example, you are installing Wordpress for someone and both the subdomain install and the subdirectory install both cost $5, then you can include what $5 covers in your ad copy.

Example, "For $5 I will install your wordpress on your server. This includes a subdomain install or subdirectory install."

It also helps to say what it DOES NOT include so your buyers aren’t confused about what they are getting or don’t ask for more than what the $5 covers. They might expect a template install also and if that’s not something you are willing to include in that $5, then you’ll just want to be crystal clear what is and is not included.

Until you can start offering gig extras, you have to get a bit creative about how to tell people what they are getting or can get for $5 or multiple gig puchases.

If all else fails, you can always encourage folks to message you with the details of their project before ordering so if they need to purchase extra gigs to get the job done, then they will know ahead of time.

Best of luck to you! 🙂

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If it’s possible to perform each service separately, then you can offer them as unique gigs. If someone buys gig “A”, you can suggest that also buying gig “B” will give the buyer a more comprehensive purchase.

As @ynneblack suggested, you can also tell buyers that buying more than one gig from you will mean a more complete service, but until you level up buyers can only purchase up to 4 gigs at a time.

The main thing to keep in mind is that each gig must be a basic service or product which can stand alone for $5, meaning you can’t sell half an intro video for $5 and tell the buyer they’ll get the whole video only if they buy 2 gigs.

Good luck~

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Hi there,

Try to sell simple service (because it is only $5), and after you get the customer, and they are delighted with your work, try to sell another service, of course you know not in $5 price… you know what i mean… cross selling does not mean you just can sell in one place with variant service…

The essence is try to engaged customers in this place, and then do multiple selling.

Good Luck…


Samidzki Soccer

Sheriff’s Note: Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in every post.

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@quickiefit @ynneblack @celticmoon @samidzkisoccer ~ thank you all so much for reaching out to me ‘in my hour of need’.

Having been in the Internet space since it was non-commercial and called ARPANET and JANUS ~ showing my age now ~ normally I would just bluster on and imagine I knew it all. And no doubt make an cockup of it somewhere along the line.

I am so grateful to you guys for taking the time to share your ideas and knowledge with me. I will take them all on board.

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson ~ you make me want to be a better Fiverr seller… 😉

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Just to recap, as a newbie, I can and should be doing the following ~

  • be as specific in the gig on what is NOT included as I am about what IS included.

  • sell up to four different ‘things’ by having four separate $5 gigs.

  • Xsell my three other gigs which should cover the things not included in the first gig.

  • explain the variants of the gig (more/different/better features) and how they can be handled by ordering multiples of the gig

  • make each gig a stand-alone service and only Xsell or specify multiple gigs to provide additional or an enhanced service.

    Does that just about cover it, or did I miss something?
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You’ve got it!

Here’s a hint: many (maybe most!) buyers don’t read the gig descriptions carefully at all, or English is a second language for them. When you realize that you’ll be tempted to not bother writing a complete description including will includes/won’t includes, but if ever a problem arises with a buyer and you need to involve customer support for help, they are more likely to back you up if you can show that your description clearly shows that you’ll do x, y, or z, but NOT the a, b, and c that the buyer is demanding. Also, if your product or service is something which can be modified, state how many modifications the basic gig includes, even if it’s just one, and for how long after you deliver the work. (for example, “includes 1 modification, which must be requested within 5 days of delivery”)

And you’re not alone. Fiverr may seem like an exceedingly youthful site…well, okay, I guess it is!..but there’s plenty of cold war-era wisdom around here, too. I remember the ARPA network, IRC, BB’s and how exciting and colorful this new-fangled “world wide web” part of the 'net was when it was new~

And I went to Woodstock-although I was a pre-teen! (yes, I inhaled). 😊

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Ha! Bet you never went to Les Cousins in Greek Street, stayed all night and saw/heard Martin Carthy, Bert Jansch, Leo Kotke, Tom Rush, Stephan Grossman, Don Partridge, Bernard Coen, Jon Hendricks, John Martyn, Magna Carta gig at 4am in the morning? {smirk}

Come to think of it, that was a Fiver too.

P.S. Not all on the same night of course.

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