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Seller should be able to give review a buyer after 10 days!


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Fair Review System for both seller and buyer.

Giving fair review by buyer and seller is always pleasure and this is how a community can build trust on buyer and seller. Now my concern is if a buyer is able to give a hidden feedback after the review of the seller how can a seller give a review without bias? Suppose a buyer deserved a 4 star review and the seller will never give him what he deserved because he knew if he gave him a shortage the buyer might give the seller bad hidden feedback. This is a dilemma every seller faces. I would love to hear this matter from the community!


Another big problem is if any seller have a bad experience with any buyer and if the buyer didn't provide any feedback against that order the seller has no chance to provide a feedback. I believe this is not how equality work. And its a clear violation of equal opportunity. 


There should be a provision like:

✔ Buyer and seller both will be able to provide hidden feedback to one another at the same time receiving and providing feedback. 

✔ Hidden feedback will be provide when providing a original feedback

If a buyer don't provide any feedback after 10 days a seller will be able to provide a public feedback. 

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