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I am a new seller and I have a 45 days order of 200USD order .  Everything was going perfect till yesterday (we are communicating and discussing project almost every day ).

I have completed more than 60-80 percent of work(in 13 days almost 5 days a week).

Yesterday  Suddenly he requested to cancel order and Buyer message : =>

                                                                                                               "Just pause this job you have done. You did an amazing effort but there's a lot more to be done. and cancel the order. I will order another small order and give you plus+++++ reviews don't worry. Wait for me some time meanwhile I will find another partner then we will resume the job. I hope you understand that's the situation is out of my hand. I'm sorry brother. I would make sure to recommend you to everyone I know and they will make orders in your gigs. Sometimes things get out of control. There's nothing to do about it. Thank you for understanding. I will go to sleep now it's late here"  


Now he is threating me that I will give you one star and report you.

I have sent request to customer support and  70+ screenshots of chat(I don't think they are not gonna read all that )

Now He is going to fiverr and threating me .....

Kindly help me I need that money 

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2 minutes ago, abu_sufyan786 said:

I have sent request to customer support and  70+ screenshots of chat

Of course no one will read 70+ screenshots…. Fiverr CS already can access any chats you have with buyer on fiverr. 
What you should’ve done is to just send the only one screenshot where he was blackmailing you with 1 star review. 
Your order is not delivered yet so the best action will be is to send him a custom offer for the work that was already done (as you said for 60-80% of the original price), he accepts that offer/places the order and then you can ask support to cancel the existing order. Do not cancel it before he accepts your custom offer for the work that you already did. 

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