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How long does it usually takes to get 1 Order on Fiverr as a Digital Marketer?



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27 minutes ago, theratypist said:

To be honest, supposedly sooner the most. Digital Marketers should know better than logo designers on how to get sales for their own services because their whole service is to get sales for others.

I agree, but Fiverr has its own complicated algorithm where it is hard to know about it.

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29 minutes ago, thedeepspace said:

I agree, but Fiverr has its own complicated algorithm where it is hard to know about it.

From what I've understood so far, Fiverr does give preference to new gigs in the search results (i.e. to get an idea of which new gigs result in orders, as it's in their best interest to enable high performing gigs to get maximum exposure), so don't overthink it (majority of the sellers I know here got their orders through organic traffic..)... give their algorithm time to do it's job.. meanwhile you can probably optimize your gig page to help buyers understand what is it that you offer.. here's a good post on a buyer's perspective of what they look for in the gigs of new sellers:

Credits to @gina_riley2

Additionally you can also post the link to your gig in Improve My Gig section and seek help from top rated sellers in your niche on how you can make your gig better (since it's like a storefront as @lloydsolutions pointed out in their post)


Lastly, since you are a digital marketer as you mentioned, find out which paid traffic sources are supported by Fiverr (they don't allow Google Ads for sure, but I don't know which other traffic sources are prohibited so better to seek clarification with their support) and you might want to drive paid traffic to your gig(s) (or even... organic traffic through Pinterest, Facebook groups etc after understanding what Fiverr's stance is when it comes to link sharing)

But ya, there are so many variables at play here that no one can say with utmost certainty that following any of the above steps or posts would result in an order.. try focusing on the "process" and everything should fall in place.. 

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