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My Gig Gallery is missing the customer-allowed deliveries in my gig. How can I fix this?


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Hi there! My name is Sonreirj and I've been on Fiverr for years now. I've accumulated a lot of great customer feedbacks and with it, a handful also allowed that the final delivery to show up on my gallery. 

However, upon trying to preview my gig I saw that there were only 4 left in my gallery (1 video and 3 audios). What happened to the rest of the samples?

If you're curious about the gig, here it is (please let me know if attaching this isn't allowed): Produce or mix and master or ghostwrite a song for you by Sonreirj | Fiverr

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3 hours ago, sonreirj said:

(please let me know if attaching this isn't allowed)

Rule 6: https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/253722-community-standards-forum-rules-2021

As for your question, not sure, but there've been a few mentions of Live Portfolios not working as intended recently. How long ago did you notice?

(For any thread visitors wondering about the topic): https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010509437-Live-Portfolio-and-Project-Portfolio

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