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Gig Description disappearing when in editing mode


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For one of my Gigs, when I go to editing mode the description text area is completely empty although it appears fine on frontend. So, every time I want to edit description, I have to copy paste my complete old description first and then make changes. Problem is with only one Gig. Has anyone else faced this issue?

Thank you!

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2 hours ago, nikoleta_dev said:

Same here and keeps happening. I wrote them an email and I hope there will be some feedback on that. Also idk about you guys, but I find this topic and submiting a bug very difficult. Too many clicks for asking for help.

I got an update for my submitted email to Fiverr Customer Support:


Thank you for reaching out to me regarding our site design and UX.
We are always thrilled to receive recommendations and improvement suggestions from our community since you are the ones who use Fiverr on a daily basis.
This is a great suggestion and I will immediately forward it to our Product Developers.
Hopefully, this could be implemented someday.
In the meantime stay updated on everything new on Fiverr by following us on social media.
Thanks again, and stay safe!


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