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What works...what doesn't

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Guest tonydthree


My names is Tony D Three. I’m a voice actor on Fiverr. When I first started on Fiverr (2 years ago) my price was 150 words for $5. I managed to get a LOT of people to buy my gig!

But about 6 months ago I changed that to 75 words for $5. I was hoping to make more money! It didn’t work!

I would rather work a little harder for the 150 words for $5 then NOT work at all for 75!

My advice…stick to what works! Most voice actors on fiverr offer 150 words (about 1 minute) for $5. Some do 2 minutes, some have tried like me to only do 75 or maybe even 100 words. I found 150 words works the best! What about you?

Support fiverr voice talents. Hire Me! 🙂

Tony D Three

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