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Looking For advice from Freelancing Expart


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I have been working as a seller here for about a year and a half. At this time I have worked for 85$, I have completed 9 orders and one order has been canceled. I hope you understand that the orders were not continuous. Slowly the impression, click of the gig is decreasing. What can I do now to become a successful seller? Looking forward to the opinions and advice of experts.

Thanks in advance.

Your little brother.

My Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/mahadev13?up_rollout=true

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Hi - I looked at your main gig. Overall it looks ok & your gig description reads well, unlike many many others, but (and I'm really not trying to be horrible here), you really are shooting yourself in the foot right from the off when you claim to be an experienced & full time 'Digital Marketing Expert' - even if you are. 
Hint - look at your video. 😏 

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If you are a digital marketing expert you surely should apply the techniques you are using for your clients to your own services. There are a LOT of businesses that need digital marketing services only if you know how to find them.

"I have vast experience in all the main aspects of digital marketing. This includes SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, Email marketing"

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I’m not sure that I can help. Because I’m just a lowly musician. My skills include:

-Counting to four. 
-Yelling prior to an extended solo. 
-Babbling towards the end of a song as my voice fades into the void. 
-Standing against a brick wall in my photos and not looking towards the camera.  
- and raising my hand to indicate “high notes.”


But here’s a definite strategy that I employ:

For each skill I claim to have mastery in, I have a solid mastery in that skill. 

Look hoss, if your back is against the wall, clock running short, time ticking thin and the only thing standing between you and certain doom is some piano player’s ability to count to four and strike a chord … 

… you can bet the house on this guy. 

You may want to consider this when selling  business folk your services. As a “vast marketer,” you understand that the commodity you trade in is you. You have to at least understand selling that. 

Should you want me to pay for your mastery in designing sales campaigns, I’ve at least got to know that you understand your most personal product. Because you’re selling it.

 My product is more like … wearing sweat pants and a tank top, eating a Swiss roll and brooding deeply over a piano (but really I’m just thinking about having more coffee). 

I would never come to the forum, knowingly selling myself as a songwriter and ask, “Hey can someone explain to me how I might rhyme pretentious lyrics and look angry while singing?” 


I’m expected to know those things. 
I won’t let you down. 

Why not try revamping your descriptions? Tell people “I’m working hard to achieve a mastery in these skills and I want to work hard for you.” 

Then, you can post this help thread in a place designed for threads that solicit help. Then, you can pick up some awesome (and some less than awesome) ideas that will really resonate with people. 

With all that said, I’m just some gear monkey who wrote songs for people all his life. I’m even accused of closing my eyes while singing ballads … so, take this advice with caution. 
Good luck out there. 

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