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How to get my first order?


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Welcome Fiverr & Fiverr Forum Community. My advice For newbie with my experience. 1. Active Fiverr & Fiverr Forum 2. Publish SEO optimized 5+ professional gig 3. Marketing Your gig for social media 4. Send Unique buyer request daily 10 5. SEO Your gig 6. Proper Buyer Request. Must Improve your communication skill. Best wishes for you.

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You might get more orders on it if you remove "for personal use" from the title. People might think that excludes commercial use but you have commercial use checked on all packages.

The text on the image gets cropped when shown on the profile. If the image was 1.619:1 aspect ratio it wouldn't get cropped as much.

You could check your prices are competitive with other sellers in your subcategory.

In the profile:
In the skills section:
"illustartor" could be "illustrator"
"adobe ilustrator" could be "adobe illustrator"

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