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Fiverr gigs disappeared from search new issue on Fiverr now a days.


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hey everyone, hope you all are doing great! 

this is my first topic which i wanted to discuss with you all. I'm  level 1 seller on fiverr and I dream to make fiverr my full time career, but the issue is people say that it can't be, 

however I myself has eperiance this like I rank my gigs after much struggle on first page get few orders and then my gigs gets deranked, so means even being a level 1 seller on fiverr i am unab le to have a consistent income, what are your thoughts about this? does all sellers gets deranked on fiverr? if yes then how people become top rated sellers? 

shouldwe always keep it as part time or do you people have any tips to rank gigs on first page for longer time than few days?  looking forward have great discussion on this most common confusion, kind regards,

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HELLO EVERYONE, I'm a new seller on fiverr, my gigs ranks on first page most of the time but as soon as I get to a certain ammount like active orders worth $1000 my all gigs totally disappear from search results. whenevr I CONTACT FIVERR Support they say your gigs are active.

So I would like to know is there anyone else facing the same issue? or any expert who knows about this issue that why it's happening or how to deal with it.

Kind regards,


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