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How to Get Orders


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1_) Gig title is very important to appear in buyers search so it should be very effective & friendly & those effects to make the URL of your gigs.

2_) Clean & well organized description is very essential to attract the potential buyers. You can see others title & description to take idea but it is very hardly prohibited to copy exactly. You have to make it as your own thinking. you have to use keywords in your description & make it bold & color.

3_) Pricing should start from $5 as a fresher. & keep more advantage & free items to catch the buyers.

4_) Use the package option (3 Package: Standard, Premium, Pro) to earn more.

5_) Use some very attractive image in Gallery section which is made by you.


Good luck

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You have 4 sales and you've been here since Sep 2020, would you say your tip has been working well for you? 

2 hours ago, arafat_amin914 said:

try active online 24h

The time has come and the grandmaster badge is truly nothing at all. Huhuhu, sad for the senior sellers who have that badge and actually post useful advice @newsmike @mariashtelle1 @vickiespencer ++

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Take 15 steps for your SUCCESS 

1. Pick the right classification and sub classification. 
2. Compose a decent title. 
3. Show an arranged depiction. 
4. Distinguish the right metadata. 
5. Transfer a fascinating gig picture. 
6. Re-energize Gig Search Keyword and give the right watchword. 
7. Show clear valuing . 
8. Make great portfolio pictures. 
9. Give however much FAQ as could reasonably be expected. 
10. Send 10 purchaser demands each day. 
11. Stay in a more dynamic Fiverr. 
12. Observe the guidelines of Fiverr. 
13. Obviously, compose a fantastic introductory letter. 
14. As soon as possible replay the purchaser's message. 
15. Communicate in exquisite language. 
 If it's not too much trouble, follow the means for an appealing gig picture. 
1.Improve thought from their gig picture. 
2.Assuming you need to do this you should re-energize more gigs. 
 3,Follow how they attempted to make Gig appealing. 
Keep in mind, gig pictures of others can't be utilized in any capacity. 
Obviously you need to know the fundamentals of Photoshop. 
Regardless of whether you don't have the foggiest idea, you can learn by visiting YTB. 
Much thanks to You 

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