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36 minutes ago, firozahmed2028 said:

If I change my Gig Image, Will it have a bad effect on my gig?

If your new gig image is an improvement over your old one that means more sales so go for it!

I looked at your profile and I like all of your gig images except for the one that says, "I will do urgent and creative flyer brochure poster postcard design within 10 hours."

The title is too long and there are words in it that are not necessary because they are contained in your tags. Fiverr's algorithm looks at your title and the tags so your title should not have the same key words as your tags. Plus, do you really think a buyer will be searching for '10 hours'? You could simply write, "I will create a flyer, brochure, poster, postcard design in hours."

About your image, it tells the buyer nothing about what you sell. It would be better if you were to do something like this: ⬇️ BUT do not copy it. that way your buyer can see easily what you sell.


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