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I have published 7 gig, what to do to get the first order?


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This thread is an echo chamber of bad advice...   


It doesn't really matter if you have one gig or ten if they all offer the same/similar services in the same/similar unappealing manner.

It DEFINITELY doesn't matter if you "stay connect" or "stay online XX" amount of hours either...  🤦‍♂️




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You guy, please be patient...

On 10/2/2021 at 12:30 PM, omor32 said:

sty connect


22 hours ago, siam80 said:

Stay online 16+ hours


22 hours ago, creative_farah said:

Stay connect


20 hours ago, rakibtony said:

Stay connect


15 hours ago, arafat_amin914 said:

active online 24h


8 hours ago, ahsan_khan_ said:

always online

Please stop this practices. "Stay online, active online, active 24h" these are totally rubbish advice. If you don't know about anything, please be stopped but don’t spread this types of scamming advice. In a nutshell, these are  useless comments only for getting  upper ranks of  the badges of their forum profiles.

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