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Can anyone tell me when I will get this(Top rated) badge?


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First off congratulations on meeting all the requirements! It’s not easy and takes time and support from your family! 

Once you reach your requirements, being selected as a Top Rated Seller is now a hand selected process by Fiverr staff. I had the same question and was made a TRS in about a month. However, there is no clear answer as Fiverr has made this process a human one. They will review your messages, private feedback, your responses, your professionalism and virtually every aspect of what it means to be a TRS. 
There are sellers who are not chosen because there are issues with the quality of their communications and/or orders etc. You can always slam out a lot of work and get good reviews but there is a deeper look into your work ethic and all communications. I think the process is amazing because it really does keep the standard very high. You can also loose your status if you start digressing into unprofessional behavior or poor order performance. 

Does this help you. Just don’t worry about it and continue your wonderful job at making every order count and treat everyone the same. Be professional and kind in EVERY interaction and NEVER break the terms of service. 

I will try to find a link to a post that I created about what it takes to be a Top Rated Seller. Also reach out if you need too. 


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