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✅✅✅ Please suggest your 1 tips to increase order as a new seller


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First thing first, you have to be skilled on your work field & everyday try to overcome your boundaries.

Prepare a bunch of awesome portfolios so that you can demonstrate whenever your clients wants to see.

Then if you think you have good enough skills through which you can satisfy your clients, this stage you can thinking about Gigs.

Before publishing gigs you MUST Complete https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/take/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller/lessons/7127723-1-welcome-0-34  this course.

If you complete this course, an achievement badge will be shown on your account that create extra values of your account. It will increase your credibility to buyers.

And also you can take Fiverr skill test. It also increase your credibility to buyers.

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