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New 7 gig few impression and some click but no order!


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I would personally change the titles. I'm no designer so everything I offer is my own opinion, but the title is the first (and possibly only) thing most people will see. 


1. "I will create amazing unique luxury business card for you"

Remove the redundant words and target specific words. E.G. "For you" is pointless; it adds no additional benefit other than making the title longer (Of course the gig is "for you"). It also feels like there are too many buzz words E.G. "amazing", "unique", "luxury". Solidate them into one that really captures what it is that you do. Also gramatically incorrect but this is covered more with title 3.

2. "I will design modern versatile logo within 10 hours"

Definately remove the within 10 hours part. This, to me, sounds like you will rush a logo to get something out as quick as possible. How can you know how long it will take without receiving a design brief? Good design =/= quick design. Versatile also seems like the wrong word here. Logos are supposed to be tailored to a specific 'thing' - why would you want a logo that can be used for multiple things?

3. "I will design modern business card or stationery".

Slightly gramatically incorrect which will probably put people off before they even know what your gig really has to offer. "I will design modern business card or stationery", or "I will design modern business cards or stationery"


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