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Client not yet giving Information


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Hi, so this is my first experience as a freelancer in Fiverr and This is my first client.
Kindly, look into my profiles and see the posts that i've posted a while back for the background story.

So my gig is include 3 revision, and after delivering 2 revision suddenly she wants me to change the project to a new project. After she changed the project she told me to wait for the guidelines since she working on it but 1 day before the deadline, she still didn't contact me and I ask for extend days for 10 days and she accept but after that she still didn't give me a guideliness. I feel like it's enough, because i always keep extend days and she won't cooperate with me. Now it's one day late, and i don't know what to do, i already ask fiverr but the respond is what i'm looking for. I decided to click for cancel the order, but if i click it i might get the side affect like loss revenue and stuff.

I don't know what to do, should i cancel it?
and i'm sorry if my english hurt your eyes since english is not my first language❤️

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