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Reached level 2 today and all of the sudden.. BOOM! The Orange Bar of stress


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first off ,pardon my english 🙂 my main lang is spanish!

So i was happy i reached level 2 today, i went out and celebrated eating pizza! Woohoo!

Then in the middle of it i got a message and im like 😮 Oh? More customers?

But to my surprise it was a modification request.

My heart stopped for a second, i almost choke on my pizza.

I could not believe what i was seeing.

Why?.. i asked myself.

I continue reading the message and the customer wanted me to add a custom character into an app i just developed.

For me , this is a problem. A huge problem.

This is why, when a customer purchases one of my games , it states that it comes with 3 pre-designed characters.

You can choose one , the one you love most.

The customer did chose one, this is the only reason i went foward into developing.

I was very clear about the details and we moved foward .

Usually if a customer wants a custom character they ask me for it first, you know BEFORE i start working on it.

Its not like i can just click "UNDO"and boom i can modify your app.

I have no problems doing a mod, if I , Biancha, failed to deliver something or misunderstood the customer.

There is no way i would deliver something the user did not want. Why? cuz i update the customer daily with screenshots/skecthes etc.

i try my best to stay in touch with my customers just to make sure we are on the same page when working on a gig. Usually everything goes smooth , no drama , no rushed products etc.

So this is kind of sour for me.

To be honest its kind of depressing.

I dont care about levels anymore, why would i ? now all i got to care about is not getting “Modifications” or “Bad” reviews becase somebody forgot either to read or they simple have no clue about what they want.

<3 Biancha

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I know it is depressing when this happens, mainly when it coincides on the day you achieved something, not letting you even some time to celebrate. However, I don’t think it’s time to give up! You will have to face many more similar buyers in the future who are irresponsible and requires you to work all over again not because you made a mistake, but they were not communicating clearly. No matter how good you communicate, there will always be these sort of issues heading your way! But, make sure you don’t break apart from these sort of little incidents. Try to learn from them and improve your service.

Good Luck!

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Reply to @dilshands: thank your for those words, i really need to stay focus and dont get depressed or sad over this matter , im sure once i sleep over it i will be fine.

What also amazes me is how people expect a huge project just for $5.

As if they deserve everything for $5 and if we dont like it then we get bad reviews.

I get the idea of getting some high quality products for cheap, but at least they should be able to read properly.

Now i know this will be a never ending issue that will pop up every once in a while.

I will keep my guard up 🙂

<3 Biancha

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Guest celticmoon

If the customer leaves a negative review, you should be able to get customer support to remove it, because your gig description clearly states what the buyer will or won’t get, and obviously this buyer is asking for something else altogether. Just be sure to grab screenshots of your communications with this person to support your cause with CS, if the worst happens.

And maybe you end up having no problem at all with this order, and the buyer just misunderstood something…we can hope! 🙂

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