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I will Improve my Gig


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Do you have any experience, I gave you a gig a month ago, I edited it a few times, now I want to add a video to the gig. So, will i delete the gig and create new one or edit Again this gig..


Please if You are experienced then reply otherwise not🙏

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Hi there.

First of all your profile descriptions:

"2000 clients. I'm a solo Freelane_Marketer who works with a small number of clients at a time, "

2000 CLIENTS.., I don't like this phrase. Look too fake, and dishonest.

EVEN THOUGH you really had 2000 client, but with your thumbnail quality, i will doubt it.

and some typos in your description. Fix this.



1. Wrong choice of color. As Digital marketer, you should understand color psychology. 

2. Wrong choice of text. For Business - Marketing, better to use Serif font.


Anyways.., based on what i saw.., as buyer - didn't interested to click your gigs.






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