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A question for the musicians -- resume building: are these prestigious venues?



Hi, I'm looking to use the PDF links on the gigs to make a resume to build myself up.  There may actually be some value to my work for my having some notoriety as an artist.  Normally I say I toured with Lisa Suckdog and wrote a lot of music for her and collaborated with her.  But that doesn't mean a lot to everyone-- but what does is that we had an over capacity crowd at the Euclid in Cleveland, and we had venues at the Knitting Factory and Acme Arts.
Now I know those last two are for sure prestigious venues.  What I'm going to do is just kind of list every place I've gigged at with Suckdog, and you can reply with whether it's something to put on my resume.  If I could list all the places I've played with other bands, it would be a long, long , long list , but I can't remember.  Maybe the Ritz Theater in Austin as well as Stubbs Barbeque.  Actually, you might help me remember, if you know me and have been with me to any clubs or seen me at them.
the Moon (Providence RI)

the Rattskellar (Boston MA)

the Knitting Factory (New York NY)


(?) Portsmouth NH

The Middle East (Boston MA)

Acme Arts (New York NY)

(?) Philadelphia PA

(?) Pittsburgh PA

the Euclid (Cleveland Ohio)

(?) Columbus Ohio

(?) Baltimore MD
(?) two gigs and one cancelled gig in Kentucky, Lousville, Lexington (cancelled) and the other.

Lounge Axe (Chicago Illinois)


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👋 Hi coz_holly,

🤷‍♂️ First of all I am not a musician, and secondly I am not from the US so I have no idea where those locations are or whether they are prestigious or not.

👀 The only insight I can give you from my point of view (I live in Italy but sometimes go abroad for gigs and events), is that the locations in your list really are prestigious-sounding ones, and I am quite sure 99% of people who don't particularly know the US like me would look at that list like it was made of gold.


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