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Fiver safe for sellers or buyers?


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Hi, Every one,

Today I am going to share some of my experience regarding Fiver .

I have experienced some surprising events on Fiver. I was level 2 seller on Fiver with over 50+ 5 star ratings I had Nebosh GIG as my latest one . Because I am Nebosh certified so i though to utilize my skills and help organization in Risks management . Many of the sellers were offering such services and even their services are against TOS. I had not done any order on that GIG , But I received a warning from nebosh that my GIG has been flagged for violating Copywrite. LOL ,  I argued with Fiver for 10+ times that Lot of sellers are providing this services and since 2019 . My GIG is new and I have not done yet any order . So why this warning and removing my GIG . They did not stop here . they also demoted me from level 2 to level 1.

Another surprising thing is that I have been working with one of USA client for 3 months and that is worth of 750$. We have been extending time for order becasue buyer was adding more and more work. We were 2 weeks left for order completion 

Today I received message that Fiver has canceled order because Buyer account no longer exists and refunded all the money .


My Point is that Fiver is safe for buyer not for sellers.

Should Fiver change their policies ?

They must ensure safety of the sellers as well .



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13 minutes ago, letsgodigital said:

For the first part that your fault just because other seller breaking TOS does not imply your gig should not be penalized. Second part that is really unfortunate there are some buyers who abuse the system. I would suggest to contact support and let them know about the work done they might reimburse you.

I agree with penalty but that penalty must be only to remove the gig because that gig was new .I had not made any order on that.

They did remove the gig , demoted my level.

And I have asked fiver regarding order cancelation because buyer deleted their account .

But fiver is not trying to understand what i am saying 

They just say that we have canceled the order because buyer does not exist any more 


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