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Voice Gigs-- Sync tracks? What I can do vs. what is professional standards



This question will apply to many things, but it's a good example of what to think about-- I didn't really have time to study what to do on Fiverr.  I lost my job and I decided I didn't want to work for a boss anymore.  I jumped into it broke and unprepared, fake it until I make it.
I got lots of raw talent but not a lot of good equipment.  I'm hoping that getting gigs and keeping receipts for tax purposes will change that before too long.
So I'm singling out voiceover and voice acting because it asks if you want to offer syncing tracks.
I have video editing software and I've "synced tracks" on my own home projects, but what does that mean professionally?  If I say I can do that and then find that it isn't what I think it is, maybe that's bad, right?  Plus, my computer isn't able to handle large video editing jobs or syncing stuff from a very long file or a format that my editing software doesn't like.
Should I go ahead and click "sync tracks" when I edit or create a gig?
I've had decades of ametuer and semi professional experience in what I do,  but my equipment is not very good for bidding on high quality, competitive jobs.

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