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Is Fiverr getting over saturated with sellers?


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I've been on fiverr for almost 4 years now, working my up to top rated seller at the beginning of 2021. Throughout that time, my income steadily increased and really exploded after getting top rated seller. However, recently I noticed my sales went way down, from almost daily orders, to no messages in weeks, and it happened almost over night. One reason for this is probably a few cancellations that I had to give because of no fault of my own (it happens), but I've also recently noticed a huge influx in other top rated sellers in my category. The number of TRS sellers almost doubled in the last few months. Some are upgrades from level 2, but others are just people from other categories that have decided to offer a gig in my category (not really a fan of how that works, but that's a discussion for another day). 


Anyway, I'm just curious if anyone else has had any similar experience or thoughts regarding this. 

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