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Today I start my fiverr journey


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6 hours ago, sharmaedition said:

Hello everyone, it's Sharma here. I am a print designer. today I published my first gig in Fiverr. I will be happy & thankful if anyone reviews my gig & give me suggestions on how I make a better gig. I hope I will get a good experience here from all experienced members. Thank you.

Here is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/WkYWl5

Hey, here is the things that you can do. 

1. short your title. it looks pretty big and so much text on it. 

2. try to put keywords with the descriptions and make the titles short and simple. Long keywords and long title won't do the work in my opinion.

3. Try to add a video to explain what you do. 

Otherwise it looks good to me. Thanks

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Hello Fiverr's Sellers.

Hope you are all enjoying a great time. I am a new seller on Fiverr although I have another level 1 profile. recently I started my new gig. At that time I thought about the portfolio link in the description box because for a graphic designer a portfolio is very much important. But only Flickr & Blogspot website's link is allowed in Fiverr. But many sellers have problems with Flickr & many sellers feel hard with Blogspot. so, ultimately they felt the portfolio issue. I felt also. but now I discover a solution for my portfolio that is (GIG PDF). I know maybe this solution can be in here. since I am new so I shared this from my end so that other new sellers like me can know the solutions. 

We all know portfolio means the gather of our previous works/designs. it can be our sample design or our previous clients. doesn't matter. so if we put our all best designs that might clients choose & impress & convert the whole images & canvas into a PDF then we will have a portfolio. for example, I have a (Restaurant flyer) gig. I use a total of 15 same food-related flyers on 1 page & save that as a pdf & upload in the gig. so I have a 50 flyers portfolio now that is more effective to me & buyers also. just you put a line in your description for clients (If you see my previous work instantly, please check my gigs pdf. here you can see 15 food flyers samples)

Now the problem is the PDF size. because in gig more than 2 MB size pdf doesn't support. so we can save our whole page as the lowest resolution & save it as pdf. if the size will be bigger than 2 MB. we can convert that pdf from PDF compressor in google.

That's it. this is my small solution. we can all apply this thing.

Thank you (Sharma Edition)

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