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Problem with gig preview images


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For my fiverr gigs, I make logo stings aka animated/motion graphic logo intros and for my Image and banner for each gig I have carefully selected a specific frame in the video that will give the potential buyer an idea of what it is before even having to click on the gig. For 2 of my 5 gigs, it works great and is exactly what I selected.

However, on the other 3, it ignores those images and I guess randomly selects a point of my video on its own to put as my preview image. In all 3 of these it doesn’t show any detail or insight as to what the gig could be and I feel like it could end up hurting my chances of people clicking through.

If I go to “Sales” and then “My Gigs” they all show up EXACTLY how I want them to, but if you are on one of my gigs and see the ‘other gigs by this user’, the 3 are messed up and they are also messed up in the normal marketplace.

I have a lot more designs and am always working on more but I don’t want to add anymore until I can get this problem solved.

Anyone have any ideas?

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