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How can I improve my fiver gigs?


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Hi Everyone, I am new here in this field. I have published total 2 Gigs on my profile in about 2 month ago. But last 10 days i don't have got any buyer request even Gig impressions getting down. I spend time on Forum and Fiverr per day. I don't understand what is happening. Please give me any suggestions or any solution so that i can overcome from this problem.

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It wasn't VAT, it's Fiverr taking 20% from every completed order.

If you read Fiverr's Terms of Service, you'll see it there. And, as @mariashtelle1pointed out, when you have signed up for Fiverr, you had to check the box stating that you have read the terms and that you have agreed to them (among other things, it means that you have agreed to the 20% commission).

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Just edif the gig and look for settings inside the gig. You will get the option for it. Or else Just raise a ticket in CS and they will help. Meanwhile Please do check whether Live Portfolio is allowed for you GIG category. There are categories where its still disables. Maybe yours belong to that too.

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