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How long after the requirement is filled up is the top rated batch given?


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As mentioned, just because you made 20k or fulfill the requirements to qualify for consideration to be a TRS, it does not automatically occur like other levels do. There is a lot more behind the scenes that goes on in how Fiverr staff chooses who to level up to this rank.

Think of TRS and fulfilling the requirements as if you received a credit card promotion in the mail: you have been selected to apply because you meet the criteria, but, until they actually review your credit (or here, it would be your account, statistics etc) you are not approved. Best analogy I could come up with. If you are to make TRS, you then have to maintain all of the standards to keep that level - which can be a struggle if you have a month of cancellations, someone rating you low or who knows what.

Here is a link to read about levels:



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