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Partial Refund Option

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Very important thing:

Sometimes we really need an option to provide partial refund. This is very common that sometimes we face issues with an order and maybe we need to make a deal with the customer to provide a partial refund. Also, sometimes customer place an order with some wrong gig extras and they want to take the partial refund for that specific gig extra amount. 

But in that case, what we need to do it fully cancel the order and then we need to take a new order which is a unsmart, unprofessional way as well as some buyers do not like that kind of hassle. 

If Fiverr can give us an option where we will be able to provide a partial refund and will be able to set the refund amount that will be absolutely great. Definitely, buyer will have option to reject or accept the partial refund. 

I hope Fiverr will take this matter seriously and will make necessary steps. 

Thank you.

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