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Fiverr Locked Out My Access for being too active!?



Hello I was adding a new gig to my portfolio this morning and something happened that has never happened before.  Throughout the process of adding my gig I kept getting the "verify your not a robot" process which I did (pick plane/truck etc.).   Once the gig was done and live I noticed the music/demo wasn't present.  So I kept working on the gig to fix this.  Next thing I know I get this message-

No access right now

We spotted a lot of activity on this page from your current IP address.
We’ve restricted access while we figure out what’s going on.

Try accessing this page again, later.


This is a major problem!  I have clients waiting for projects and contacting me as I type this message.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

FYI- My account is not new and is very well established on Fiverr.

Thank you.  


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I noticed alot of captcha's on my device too, especially when looking through lots of gigs and being very active.

Its the safest way to protect vs bots, it also applies to the forum. Its a good thing and everyone who is active as a human, not as a bot, doesnt have to fear anything. I was blocked too for a few minutes, got resolved pretty quickly.

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