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An experience with Fiverr gig and excellent Fiverr support


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Two days ago I started writing a gig, a big one. As a beginner (Kind of) I don’t know that behance is not allowed in fiverr. So, I put my enriched(😂) behance portfolio in my gig description and SEO. And bang! My gig bounced back as a rejected one and wants modification. I wondered and went to fiverr support. They give me a list of accepted domains. After some modification and ensuring that my gig is clean, I submitted again and know what? Afghan it got rejected and now not for modification. It fixes its place in the denied tab. Now I wrote a big support request and just an hour ago my gig was approved and that’s live now.

You can also check which links are allowed. I am giving that list here.

  1. ammyy.com
  2. blogspot.com
  3. flickr.com
  4. mixcloud.com
  5. reverbnation.com
  6. soundcloud.com
  7. spotify.com
  8. teamviewer.com
  9. tumblr.com
  10. vimeo.com
  11. wetransfer.com
  12. wikipedia.org
  13. youtube.com

Thank you, Fiverr support. 

This is that gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/LBLPR0

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