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How can I improve my gig?


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4 hours ago, kumartapos said:

Be activated and sent daily buyer request


4 hours ago, rokib_wp said:

Share your profile to social media nicely .

I see you both have been on Fiverr for about a year. How is this advice working out for you? 🤔

With 17 and 7 reviews respectively I would say the advice you gave the OP is not working for you. Why then do you continue to spew it to other buyers who are having issues. Please stop repeating what you have read or heard from some Fiverr Guru who only is vomiting this misinformation to get more views and make more money.

You need to promote your gigs where your buyers are. They are not your friends on social media!

SEO is only valuable IF you understand how to use it well. If you two did, then perhaps you would have more sales.

4 hours ago, rokib_wp said:

complete gig tag and gig images or videos .

Having excellent gig tags is important but you do not tell the OP  how to do that. Neither do you tell him what a good gig image is!

@ebrahimkhali991 I looked at your profile. It is written so well that two sellers who joined Fiverr after you have copied parts of it. You can find out who by using a free plagiarism checker.

As for your gig image for the Shopify drop shipping  store their is no words on the it that tells the buyer what you are selling. Many buyers do not like to read the small words describing the gig under the gig image. It is best to put 4 to 5 bold words on the gig image that describes what services you are selling.

As for your other thumbnails. The YouTube Video gig images are good, BUT the other images have too many words so a buyer will generally skim over them.

I also checked the plagiarism of your best selling gig and found that parts of it is copied from sellers on Facebook, LinkeIn and even one seller here on Fiverr. Therefore, I would not order from you as copying someone else's gig descriptions is deceptive and I would not trust you to give me work that is not copied from somewhere in which I in turn could get in trouble for.

Honesty is always the best policy.   

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