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Where you work from?


Where you work from?  

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  1. 1. Where you work from?

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9 hours ago, letsgodigital said:


Where you guys work from? 

Probably about 50% from my home office, and 50% travelling.
This would be more towards 90% travelling if not for the current covid restrictions on travel.

I've adopted the 'digital nomad' lifestyle, floating around different places and working as and when suits me. With the services I offer as a freelancer, I can work from essentially anywhere as long as I have my laptop, and a decent internet connection, that could be WiFi or tethering my data plan from my phone. I like to find good deals on flights, Air BnB's, and travel different places whilst working. When I fancy somewhere new, I look for cheap flights and accommodation and head off to the airport. When I miss home and my family and friends, I'll head home and stay there for a few weeks, catch up with people, and get stuff done that I need to do.

I'm extremely grateful that my freelancing career enables me to do this. For me, the typical 9-5 office job just doesn't fit. Also, staying at home and staring at the same 4 walls isn't appealing and I struggle to separate work and 'me' time.
I like to work as and when I want, and as much or as little as I want to give me the flexibility of a healthy work/life balance, so for me, my approach is absolutely perfect. :classic_happy:

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