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Our Site includes certain social media features, including single sign on features. We also share limited personal information with such social media platforms and marketing partners, such as Facebook and Google, to promote our services or the Fiverr marketplace. Such features and third party services collect certain information about you and may set a cookie to enable their functionality. Such third parties’ features are governed by their policies.

If you don't log in to Fiverr through Facebook and you don't connect your Facebook to Fiverr they'll share less info with them I assume. I assume disabling ads could share less info too.

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4 hours ago, khyatighai said:

Does fiverr sells our details to facebook. I don't feel a seller's personal information is safe here. Any Inputs?

No, Fiverr does not sell any of your details and especially any of your buyers personal information to Facebook, or any other platform.

Cookies may effect certain things you see on both platforms. Such as when you search for a new car, and you start seeing car advertisements all over the place for example, as the cookies stored know your search and browsing history. But no personally identifying information will be shared, that would be in breach of GDPR and numerous international data protection laws.


If you're worried about your personal information and online privacy, consider using a browser that does not allow cookies and offers additional privacy options within the settings. You can also use a VPN for added protection, although I would strongly recommend not changing your IP address to different countries whilst using Fiverr as this could be seen as a violation of the ToS. 

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