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What to do when buyer disappears while order active?


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I have a situation where a buyer utilized a revision and said he wasn't getting the result he wanted, so he would like to format his Excel workbook so that my code gives him the results he wants - whatever that is, because he has been vague about why the current solution isn't working.  I could go on, but the bottom line is that he hasn't sent me anything back for 2 weeks, and I believe having an order open will impact my ability to get new ones.  Since he hasn't responded, I can't get an extension on the deadline (it was turned in on time originally), so I don't know if I should just re-deliver and have a late order impact my standing.  What is Fiverr's policy on this, and should I bring it up to Fiverr support?  I'm concerned they'll just cancel the order, impacting my standing even further, and wasting my hours spent on this project.  


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