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high-quality service, but no impressions and no orders


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2 hours ago, developer_laju said:

Me to not sell

@developer_laju If you want help you need to create your own post.



3 hours ago, imadelaraba said:

please check my gig and tell me if you see anything wrong and needs to be changed or optimized

I looked at your gig page. Then I searched for "minimalist logos." What I noticed right away is how expensive your price is. When sellers are new they need to sell their services at a less costly price until they get a number of reviews. I now sell for $50 what I once sold for $5 when I was a newbie.

Look at these Top Rated Sellers' prices. Only one sells a minimalist logo for more than you do.


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I'm providing similar services and I just reviewed your gig.

You can check the screenshot from @vickiespencer. Top rated sellers are selling logos in $45 as well and also maintaining great reputation. So pricing is a big fact as well.

But if you check my gig, I'm selling with $100 and still getting sales!

When you set a price, you should follow some specific points:

# Is your gig quality maintain the actual quality for that price? this can be determined in various ways. First of all, you need to research the fiverr marketplace about the types of your logo.

I think there is more room to improve the feel in your gig images.

- In the video the logo you showed, are too generic and design without any context (actual brand name)

- I feel the the total presentation is not smooth.


You need to come out with something really not generic, wow and with real context to work with this pricing.



Additionally pricing related to the audience level you're focusing for your business. Like Right now I'm focusing on $100-$200 range audience level. And you're focusing $200-$500 mostly. Still you should maintain the quality as well.

You can read more about it at


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