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Please help us somehow!


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Hi Fiverr Forum,

we are the team names Shark Design. We worked the same work on other freelance sites but here we are new and we are not popular. We are designing logos, business cards, flyers and everything connected with the graphic design. We are so creative and we are working to make every single buyer happy. But that is the problem, we don’t have any buyer and we are writing here to ask if someone can help us, suggest something or promote our gig.


Here is our gig, please watch our video and we hope you will help us somehow to start working on this site.

Sorry if we made a mistake choosing the category here in the forum.

Thank you.


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I suggest you use the forum search tool to find topics of specific interest to you, or just browse through the Tips for Sellers and Fiverr FAQ forums to find useful information and advice.

Good luck~

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