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Become top seller in 1 month


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8 hours ago, gcourtneyhuell5 said:

i work day and night will become top seller in 1 month

You have no gigs, you have not delivered any work, and you have no seller rank. At this rate, while I like your ambition, I can guarantee you will not be a top seller in only 30 days. Now, let's try to reign in that ambition, and temper it with some practicality. 😉 

8 hours ago, gcourtneyhuell5 said:

send buyer request to all

Since you can only send 10 buyer requests per day, and you are not likely to even have the option of responding to 10 requests, you most definitely will not be sending a buyer request to everyone.

8 hours ago, gcourtneyhuell5 said:

keep sending they will hire you

No, the likely will not. Begging for someone to hire you doesn't work well. You need to carefully target your marketing to the specific people who need you services, and, alas, most new sellers on Fiverr seem to ignor this step. They want work.... without doing the work to earn it.

8 hours ago, gcourtneyhuell5 said:

offer than 50% discount

Yikes! Do you not value your services? Discounts like that only make you look cheap, and cheap sellers always attract cheap buyers who will, more likely than not, try to take advantage of you. Value you work, and find the people who will hire you for what your services are truly worth.

8 hours ago, gcourtneyhuell5 said:

keep repeating 15 hrs a day

Please don't. Repeating your noted advice, for 15 hours a day, will cause buyers to ignor you. Buyers can smell desperation. This is why so many new sellers, who just want anyone to hire them, usually don't find any work here. It would be wise to learn how to manage your gigs like a business.

8 hours ago, gcourtneyhuell5 said:

you will be top seller in a month simple

Nope. Not going to happen. You have to do things right, before you win the rewards of hard work. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website.

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