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Question for Top Rated Sellers


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Top Rated Sellers this one is Only for you.

Q. Who many orders were you getting (Per Day) when you were a Level 2 Seller , and Now how many orders you get ?

Q. How many Days after becoming a Level 2 seller you were Promoted to the Top Rated Seller?

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Reply to @ryangillam: Q.How did you got that numbers !! I have actually done more the 200 orders now 🙂

Yes i think the same 😕 i mostly do Graphic designing , And i have seen TRS in those categories who are only 5 months old and sold not more then 200 orders on there each gigs. There designs are wayy poor then mine , and Even they are TRS i am selling more proportion then them in the category.

hmm so what categories should i step into ? any suggestions ? 🙂

Thanks 🙂

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