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1 hour ago, musharrufh said:

I'm totally shocked that my gig doesn't get any click yet! It has a little bit of impression only!!


Why are you shocked? Your gig offers nothing that 30,834 others are already offering. Nothing stands out about your gig images. So what is it that a buyer would see on your gig, that makes them think that they must order from you instead of all the sellers who got here years before you? Could you explain why you are having a sales problem when your profile says " I am a professional lead generation expert."  Shouldn't an expert in "generating leads" be able to "generate leads?"   

Where in Bangladesh did you study to become a " professional lead generation expert?"  And why aren't you applying that expertise to your own gigs?  

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1. You can make your gig thumbnail more attractive. So that the buyer sees and clicks on your gig.
2. You should start by writing something in your description so that the buyer is impressed and hires you.
3. You can use gig's titles, low keywords, unique tags in the description.
The points mentioned above will help you get your gig in a better position

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