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How to sent buyer request the buyer will accept request?


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2 hours ago, expandgads_it said:

I am new members on fiverr. please suggest me .how can i get a number of buyer request?


An easy way to write a cover letter
1) Find out the problem of the client. What does it mean that the client has posted the job to solve.
2) Write down what you need to do to solve the problem.
3) Write down what information is needed to solve the problem or what you need to know to better understand the problem.
4) Write down how good your skills are for this job. Write down how long it will take and how much the budget (if fixed price) will take.
5) Now arrange all the above issues and write all these in the cover letter.

Note: This is not a template, write a cover letter with each of these issues in mind before bidding for each job, hopefully, the response rate will increase.

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The buyer has to write something to impress because the first 2-3 lines will be seen by the buyer then click on see more. So highlight the medium of your work in 2-3 lines. After reading the buyer's job description well, you need to understand what the buyer is actually asking for. In a very nice way, the buyer will offer a request by writing a few things quickly.

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