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MY Gig was not going in fiverr ranking or Top of Fiverr


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3 hours ago, the_sami said:

I am Much better then other but i am not getting orders from Fiverr

How do you know you are much better than others? 
I did have a look at your gig out of curiosity and I don’t see anything there that would make your gig better than others and rank you on top. Some of your designs are pretty khmm outdated, nothing stands out and looks like just another copy paste gig. 

So sometimes it’s better to look objectively at your own gigs and compare it to others rather than complaining that system is not ranking you were you want to be 

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I know a lot of people thinks that videos help. I don't know if that's true or just a belief, but in your case, I don't think it's helping you at all.

I open your gig and the first thing I see is a black square that says "Need a social media post for your business". If I were looking for designs, I would keep scrolling without noticing your gig. I wouldn't even click.

Remove that video and leave the first photo you have as the cover. That photo where you have 16 designs next to a smartphone looks much, much better than your video.

I'd suggest you to go to Fiverr Pro and search for similar gigs. See what they offer, how they look like, how much are they charging, how descriptive or minimalist is their description, what tags are they using and update your gigs according to that. I don't think the $5USD price is helping you anymore. You're a Level 2 seller with 300 5-stars review. Probably the price is hurting you more than helping you.


I've just been a month on Fiverr and I've had zero success, so I can't give you more feedback. But your designs indeed look much better than many others I've seen on Fiverr. 

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Your gig does look better than most, but that's only because most are pretty bad. Your stuff is serviceable, your presentation is competent, but the work is clearly templated and doesn't stand out. Try to do something unique.

There are a lot of red flags there still. The copy is weak and screams pushy sales. Unlimited revisions (ugh). Bottom of the barrel prices. Those are not good signs.

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