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Best month ever :D 10000$


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2 minutes ago, bomrabombra said:

omg that crazy do seller earn this much on fiverr?

i hardly get 10$ per week from my job

i am coming to fiverr leaving my job 

It takes time but yes it is possible some top seller even earn 6 figure income. I would not advice you to leave your job for fiverr unless you have can sustain without it.

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5 hours ago, bomrabombra said:

world is unfair some people earn so much while other suffer why god why

Nothing is unfair there. People who complain about god being unfair usually never look at themselves and what they are doing wrong. 

Some sellers have better gigs and provide more quality work, price their gigs fairly and provide outstanding quality. 
you never know how much hard work to earn that income was put into that. It’s also unfair of you saying that it’s “luck” when OP worked hard to get where he is right now. 


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6 hours ago, designereyes247 said:

Great job!

thank you

6 hours ago, haque_adsflow said:

Big congratulations

thank you

6 hours ago, dolarfive said:

Congratulation and best wishes for your success. If you have available time please share your experience. All the best.

thank you

6 hours ago, boyshakhe_ said:

good luck

thank you

2 hours ago, jekohohoto said:

Wowww, good luck broo

thank you

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