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Give me a good and Best suggestion


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@raseljomadder Oh my! 😳

The colors in your gig image hurt my eyes! 👀

All I wanted to do was to stop 🙈 looking at the gig image as quickly as possible.

The colors are too bright! 🔆  I understand you want to attract buyers, but the hot pink outlined in turquoise is too much! Plus pink clashes with the red star. And why is the 'e' on the end of issue a different font from the rest of the word? 🤔 Get rid of the bright colors and go with a solid color, not one that is outlined.  1251593261_ScreenShot2021-09-27at8_30_59AM.thumb.png.fd5a75ea3dcd1ecd8bc129877156635e.png 

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About This Gig

☑️100% Misrepresentation issue Fixing Guarantee!

☑️If I can't 100% Money Back Guarantee!


All your items have been suspended!

Disapproved Product Feed in Google Merchant Center!

Google merchant is being suspended!


✔️Don't worry! I'm Heare to fixing your Google Merchant Center Suspension and Google Shopping ads issues with a guarantee!

I have a lot of good experience in this work and I know all these strategies solve this problem.

So what are you waiting for! Submit your order and make your merchant center approved run your Google shopping ads now!

I will solve all these problems.

Suspended Google Merchant Center reactive

Misrepresentation of self or product

Fix all errors from the feed

Fix Marchant center Issues

Create Manual and Automatic Feed

Missing or incorrect required attribute

Missing shipping information 

Invalid or missing GTIN value

Insufficient product identifiers: Missing two out of three

Attributes (GTIN, Brand, MPN)

Item disapproved due to policy violation

Note Well: Google Merchant Center is very Important for your google shopping ads. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to talk a bit more about your needs With me


Thanks, Regards


Okay, so I can't actually make much sense of what it is you offer. The English in your Gig Description is all over the place, the grammar is poor and nothing flows  naturally. I appreciate English is not your native language, however you can even download the free version of Grammarly to ensure you're at least spelling things correctly.

If a buyer thinks that they're going to have a hard time communicating with you, or don't understand what you do, they won't order.

The emoji's also don't look professional. It looks like you're working too hard on being 'eye catching' rather than the quality of the information provided.

As previously stated, your Gig images are also too bright and aren't nice on the eye. I'd tone these down and focus on simple images and text that quickly and easily show the buyers what you offer.

On 9/27/2021 at 10:45 AM, vickiespencer said:

@joshnadin I am confused? 🤔

What is the purpose of your post? The OP asked for help and all you did was repost his gig description. What is up with that?

My bad, I mis-clicked when trying to include the Gig Description within my reply. :classic_mellow:

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