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Are you vaccinated?


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So far, nope. 
Reason is simple, I just feel uncomfortable getting it. (I've read those silly microchip-DNA altering conspiracy theories, but I don't believe them.)

The thing is, I read that America will NOT let visitors from other countries enter unless they are vaccinated, I think starting from this November.
This sucks for me because I am planning to attend a friend's wedding in California next March (I'm in Tokyo BTW)

I am NOT gonna miss my friend's wedding so I guess I'll need to take it??
Or there are several months left so US might make some changes and let us enter the country unvaccinated.
Let's see what happens.

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I have what is called "natural immunity". I have already had Covid in April 2020.

No way will I volunteer to be some lab rat. Funny, they don't want to talk about natural immunity - I have gone about my life normally since this all began. And, I am not young either - close to 60. Have not gotten ill since I initially had it last year.

Will be interesting to see what occurs in 2, 5 or 10 years from now with all those who take this.

Good luck!


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