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My Fiverr Account Got Hacked


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Hey Fiverr Users, 

Hope you are doing great there. 2 days ago I received an email saying your Fiverr email as changed. I saw it and immediately tried to get into my account but unfortunately, I was not able to login. I reported this to Fiverr Customer Support using one of my other email and Fiverr CS responded quickly (in like 10 minute). They asked me for some details to confirm I the owner of that account and I answered their Qs. They said me they are submitting these details to their internal team for further investigation. It's been 2 days and I got no update from Fiverr Support team. Is there anyone who faced the same situation in the past? If yes, How much time Fiverr took to recover your account and give it back to you? A detailed answer is highly appreciated!




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